The spiritual, intellectual, mental and physical benefits of traveling the world

2021-06-07 19:37:18
The spiritual, intellectual, mental and physical benefits of traveling the world

There are numerous benefits to be gained from traveling abroad, including new experiences, new stories and new friends. But scientists say living in different country can also make you more creative.

Travel familiarizes humans with the destiny and remnants of past humans who lived on earth, and this knowledge is the greatest human teacher himself.

In fact, travel is a kind of study and reflection on the situations and behaviors of those who have told us their history, destiny.

There are 14 verses in the holy Qur'an that Allah tells humans who are able to travel around the earth to gain wisdom and knowledge about his creations and the history of mankind.

In chapter 6, verse 11 of the Qur'an, Allah says: Travel on earth, then see the terrible ending of those who rejected God and the truth.

Here are some of the main benefits we gain from travel:

1- Expanding your knowledge of the world and intellectual growth

One of the undeniable benefits of travel is the growth and development of the human intellect. This is because during the trip, travelers get familiar with different nations and continents, including their nature and cultures.

They also obtain first-hand knowledge of the capabilities and weakness of various nations.

This intellectual growth and maturity can rarely be achieved from reading books or taking classes and listening to speeches.

The Holy Prophet of Islam (PBUH) described this important path of the journey: Travel, indeed, if you do not obtain money during the trip, your thoughts will surely increase.

2- Achieving physical and mental health

Numerous studies have proven that travel has a positive role in physical and mental health. Perhaps this physical and psychological effect is due to the fact that with the change of climate and setting foot in new worlds, the human soul becomes ecstatic and the same happiness also affects the health of the body.

3- Learning lessons from history and past civilizations

Travel informs us with the destiny and remnants of our predecessors, and this is one the greatest sources knowledge. In fact, travel is one the most effective methods to study history and the outcome of the lives of humans who lived before us.

This is the great lesson that the Qur'an has mentioned many times. Allah says If you travel on earth, you will see the bad outcome of those who disobeyed God and those who fear Him have a good ending.


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