​Imam Khamenei calls 2021 Iran presidential election ‘decisive’

2021-06-16 20:44:44
​Imam Khamenei calls 2021 Iran presidential  election ‘decisive’

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Imam Ali Khamenei has delivered an address to the nation two days before polls open in Iran’s 13th presidential election, calling the forthcoming vote “decisive.”

Imam Khamenei began his remarks on Wednesday (June 16), broadcast live on state television and social media, by stressing both the republican and Islamic aspects of Iran’s establishment.

Imam Khamenei also said that American and English media, together with their “mercenaries,” had been attempting to sow discord between the Iranian people and the establishment by trying to discourage people from participating in the presidential election “because staying away from elections is staying away from the establishment.”

“But the bulk of the people have shown that whatever… (the foreign media) say, the people will do the opposite,” Imam Khamenei underlined.

The Imam went on to say that elections should be viewed as being beyond factional politics and political leanings, calling participation in elections as “an act of virtue.”

Imam Khamenei noted that a high turnout in elections meant that the establishment has popular support, which he said would have a “unique impact” on Iran’s might internationally.

The Imam further stated that Iran’s enemies sought to discourage participation in elections because they knew that if Iran’s establishment did not have people’s support, they could destabilize the country.

Low participation in elections would entail higher pressure on Iran by the country’s enemies, Imam Khamenei added.


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