Ebrahim Raeisi wins Iran’s presidential election by landslide

2021-06-19 20:51:22
Ebrahim Raeisi wins Iran’s presidential election by landslide

Seyyed Ebrahim Raeisi won Iran’s 2021 presidential election by a landslide, according to preliminary results by the Interior Ministry.

Some 90 percent of the total 28,600,000 ballots have been counted so far and Raeisi has succeeded to win 17,800,000 votes, the Interior Ministry election headquarters said.

Candidates Rezaei, Hemmati, and Qazizadeh have also won 3,300,000 votes, 2,400,000 votes, and 1,000,000 votes, respectively.

Later in the day, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani turned up at the campaign HQ of Raeisi to congratulate him in person.

Senior MP Mostafa Mirsalim, who ran for president in the 2017 elections, said people elected a person for president who is very brave in uprooting corruption.

Iranian Deputy Interior Minister Jamal Orf said he was not offering precise figures because vote counting was still ongoing and said he was merely providing preliminary updates.


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