World's 3rd Largest Diamond Found in Botswana

2021-06-20 08:03:29
World's 3rd Largest Diamond Found in Botswana

The diamond firm Debswana has announced the discovery in Botswana of a 1,098-carat stone that it described as the third largest of its kind in the world.

The company's acting managing director, Lynette Armstrong, claimed that the large diamond — nearly three inches long, two inches wide and an inch thick — is the largest gem-quality diamond found in Debswana’s mines in the company’s more-than-50-year history.

The stone found on 1st June was presented to the country's president on Wednesday.

The rare stone was named "Sewelo" which means rare discovery in one the language spoken in Botswana.

The immense diamond is a good news for Botswana’s beleaguered economy, which has experienced a significant downturn during the COVID-19 pandemic. Diamonds account for about two-thirds of Botswana’s export earnings.


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