Iran’s COVID-19 vaccine development and production

2021-07-10 19:51:18
Iran’s COVID-19 vaccine development and production

As the spread of the coronavirus took the world by surprise, most countries were unprepared for a pandemic of this scale and the race was on to find solutions.

Like many countries across the world, Iran also quickly acted and early on in the pandemic, began to develop its coronavirus vaccine.

After a year of intensive research using all internal resources and expertise, Iran joined the handful of countries that produce the coronavirus vaccine.

The Ministry of Health later approved the CovIran Barekat vaccine that was jointly developed by Barekat Pharmaceutical Group and Shifa Pharmed Industrial Group under the Headquarters for Executing the Order of Imam Khomeini.

After passing all clinical trials, it was rolled-out for emergency use and is currently being mass produced. Mass production is estimated to reach 30 million doses per month when other production lines become operational.

Among those to receive the CovIran Barekat jab was the Leader of the Islamic Revolution of Iran Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei who had previously stipulated that he would wait his turn to get vaccinated and only wanted to receive an Iranian-made COVID-19 vaccine.

Imam Khamenei has hailed indigenously-produced vaccine as one of Iran’s great achievements against all adversities and called it a “national point of pride.”

But the CovIran vaccines is not the only jab Iran is working on and there are several others in various stages of trials. The Islamic Republic of Iran is also collaborating with Russia, Cuba, and Australia to produce other coronavirus vaccines.

Iranian-made vaccines have been praised for their high efficacy and resistance to new viral variants by the national Health Ministry.


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