Nigeria arrests 3 Israeli filmmakers over contact with separatist group

2021-07-14 14:52:43
Nigeria arrests 3 Israeli filmmakers over contact with separatist group

Three Israelis shooting a documentary in a separatist region in southeast Nigeria were arrested last week in the West African nation.

The Nigerian authorities arrested and interrogated the trio on suspicion that they had come into contact with ‘Biafran separatists.’

The People of Biafra (IPOB), is an outlawed separatist movement that agitates for a separate state for ethnic Igbos in southeast Nigeria and is accused of fomenting violence.

According to residents, the Israeli crew was detained Friday night in the Igbo village of Ogidi by Nigeria’s secret police, the Department of State Services (DSS), and taken to Abuja.

One of the Israelis arrested is Rudy Rochman, a Zionist activist. Making the flight with him were filmmaker Noam Leibman and E. David Benaym.

The Israelis were in Nigeria to film “We Were Never Lost,” a documentary exploring Jewish communities in African countries such as Kenya, Madagascar, Uganda, and Nigeria.

They took off from Ben Gurion Airport near Tel Aviv on July 5 and landed in Nigeria the next day.

Over the past several years, former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu traveled to several African states in a bid to end decades of hostility against the occupying regime.

African nations have condemned the barbaric crimes by Israel against Palestinians.

Israel has been described an "apartheid" regime for decades, evoking the system of white rule and racial segregation in South Africa that was brought to an end in 1994.


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