UK is ‘systemically racist’, report says, after Black players racially abused

2021-07-15 22:19:15
UK is ‘systemically racist’, report says, after Black players racially abused

The England football team’s defeat on penalty kicks in the European Championship final caused a barrage of online racist attacks against Black soccer players who missed goals in the shootout, leading to widespread condemnation.

The final cup als known as Euro 2020, was between Italy and England played at Wembley stadium in London Sunday night was nerve-racking for fans of both teams.

England was the favorite at the start of the game, as it was playing at home in front of tens of thousands of fans, and fans were convinced the team would manage to bring the cup home for the first time.

Italians were hoping the cup would return to Rome after 53 years. In the end, Italy won the shootout 3-2 when three of England’s Black players missed their spot-kicks.

The three Black players who missed the goals in the penalty-shootout were Marcus Rashford, Jadon Sancho and Bukayo Saka.

Saka’s parents are Nigerian, while the other two have parents or grandparents from the Caribbean islands.

A barrage of racist attacks on social media followed. The abuse has been widely condemned and the government has promised action against social media companies if they do not remove offensive material more quickly.

Four people have been arrested over the online racist abuse, British police said on Thursday.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has promised to tackle online abuse, but he and other ministers have been accused of hypocrisy for not condemning those who booed the players at the start of the tournament.

England is ‘systemically racist’ says report to UN

Racism is systemic in England and legislation, institutional practices and customs continue to harm minority ethnic groups, according to research compiled by the Runnymede Trust.

It found the UK government is in breach of numerous articles of the UN International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination (ICERD).

The report says minority ethnic groups face sustained disparities across health, the criminal justice system, education, employment, immigration and politics.

The authors write that they believe the government’s new approach to equalities will fail to improve these outcomes “and may in fact worsen them”.


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