Israel foreign minister makes first visit to Morocco since ties normalized

2021-08-12 21:25:11
Israel foreign minister makes first visit to Morocco since ties normalized

Israeli foreign minister Yair Lapid traveled to Morocco on Wednesday, the first visit by an Israeli foreign minister since the regime normalized ties with the North African nation last year.

Israel and Morocco agreed in December to resume diplomatic relations and re-launch direct flights under a deal brokered by then US President Donald Trump.

Morocco was one of four Arab countries – along with the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Sudan – to agree to normalise ties with Israel last year under US-brokered deals.

Lapid will inaugurate Israel’s diplomatic mission in Rabat, visit Casablanca’s historic Temple Beth-El and hold talks with his Moroccan counterpart, Nasser Bourita.

Palestinians have been critical of the normalization deals, saying it harms the struggle to liberate Palestinian territories and only benefits the Israeli regime while having no benefit for the other side.

Israel seeking to infiltrate Arab and African nations

The Israeli regime has infiltrated the Africa Union and obtained observer status. This move has been opposed by a strong block of African countries and masses across the continent.

On July 22, Israel attained observer status at the African bloc after nearly 20 years of lobbying.

In April, US-based Human Rights Watch accused Israel of crimes against humanity by pursing policies of "apartheid" and persecution against Palestinians.

The word apartheid is often associated with South Africa. Apartheid was a system of institutionalized racial segregation that existed in South Africa from 1948 until the early 1990s.

The system was characterized by an authoritarian political culture based on white supremacy, which ensured that South Africa was dominated politically, socially, and economically by the nation's minority white population.


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