Mourning for Imam Hussein in month of Muharram amid pandemic

2021-08-12 22:29:13
Mourning for Imam Hussein in month of Muharram amid pandemic

Why do Shia Muslims insist on holding mourning ceremonies for Imam Hussein in Muharram despite the pandemic?

The reason behind this perseverance is that Imam Hussein is the symbol of resistance against tyrannical powers for them and for all Shias worldwide.

Imam Hussein, the third Shia Imam, and his companions were brutally killed 1400 years ago and yet Shias across the world mourn for him and commemorate his sacrifice.

Imam Hussein discerned that the Umayyad dynasty was deviating Islam from its right path so he chose to sacrifice himself and even his 6-month child in order to save Islam and teach a lesson to his followers: Never accept oppression.

Resistance among Shia Muslims is largely inspired and learned from Ashura.

Nigerian forces killed a reporter and a mourner last year after attacking the Ashura procession in the northern state of Kaduna.

The deadly incident took place in the eponymous provincial capital on Sunday, when Muslim mourners held a procession to commemorate Ashura.

The Nigerian forces opened live fire against the mourners, killing a Kaduna press reporter, identified as Bashir, and a teenage mourner, identified as Mohammed Baqer, the UK-based Islamic Human Rights Commission (IHRC) said in a report.


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