Arrival of Afghan refugees in Uganda at US request raises security fears

2021-09-05 17:33:36
Arrival of Afghan refugees in Uganda at US request raises security fears

A group of refugees from Afghanistan have been transported to Uganda in a chartered flight following a request from the US government.

The Afghan refugees arrived in the East African country on August 25.

Uganda said it had agreed to a request from the United States to temporarily take in 2,000 Afghans fleeing the country.

Observers say the US may have blended terrorists among the Afghan refugees to destabilize the East African nation and the region.

Professor Mwambutsya Ndebesa, a historian and lecturer at Makerere University in Kampala, told DW that Uganda could attract unwanted attention from terrorist groups by hosting Afghan refugees.

"Afghan refugees may turn the attention of international terrorist groups such as al-Qaeda, al-Shabab, and Daesh (ISIS) to Uganda and destabilize the country," he said.

The Taliban militant group took over Afghanistan earlier in August, establishing full territorial control after it was toppled in 2001 by US and NATO troops who invaded and occupied the country for nearly 20 years.

The United States and its allies invaded Afghanistan under the pretext of capturing Osama bin Laden and toppling the Taliban who they claimed had sheltered him and his terrorist organization al Qaeda.

The nearly 20-year conflict was America's longest war. It led to more than 3,500 US and allied military deaths, the deaths of more than 47,000 Afghan civilians, the killing of at least 66,000 Afghan troops, and over 2.7 million Afghans fleeing the county, according to the nonpartisan Costs of War project at Brown University.

Terrorist groups in Africa an excuse for Western powers to exploit continent

The presence of terrorist groups in Africa is an excuse for global powers to maintain their military campaign in these countries. This was seen in the French military intervention in Mali and the US military campaign in Somalia.

This has raised doubts about the connection of Western countries with terrorist groups around the world.

Western powers continue to pursue imperial policies in various guises to maintain their economic dominance around the world, and Africa has always been the focus of Western attention.

The African continent, which has long been a victim of Western colonialism and expansionist policies, has become the battleground of new doctrines of influence.

West’s exploitation of Africa fueling poverty in the continent

Africa, with its abundant natural and mineral resources, as well as vast human capital, still suffers from poverty, mainly as a result of the West’s exploitation of the continent and the corrupt governments in Africa.

The exploitation of Africa by the Western world since 1500 made a dramatic contribution to the building of the economies of North America and Europe.

Africa's corrupt governments have also been instruments at the hands of international Western bodies like IMF and World Bank to exploit the natural resources at the expense of inhabitants of the continent.


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