Top Iranian general slams Western countries and Israeli regime

2021-09-21 17:40:13
Top Iranian general slams Western countries and Israeli regime

Chairman of the Chiefs of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces Major General Mohammad Baqeri has condemned Western countries and the Israeli regime for running a "circus" in Western Asia that features instigating wars and fueling tensions under the pretext of peace-building.

He made the remarks in a message issued on Tuesday on the occasion of the International Day of Peace and the beginning of the Sacred Defense Week in Iran, which marks former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein's war on the Islamic Republic between 1980 and 1988.

“While peace refers to the absence of war and violence and respect for the mutual rights of nations within the framework of the UN Charter, the United States, the Zionist regime and their regional and global allies, in their utterly deceptive discourses and deeds, depict themselves as ardent advocates of love for mankind as if they were the true heralds of peace! However, by dictating a specific definition of peace to the world, they have been the cause of wars, challenges and military tensions and imposed insecurity, displacement, misery and homelessness on West Asian nations, especially in recent decades,” Baqeri said.

“The Western-Zionist circus and the criminal acts of the United States around the globe show the depth of the catastrophic threat to peace. The world powers’ military spending and financing does not bear any sign of desire for peace in the world,” he added.

He also referred to the war on Yemen, where most weapons used by "the criminal Saudi-led coalition are provided by the leaders of the countries that claim to be advocating peace and human rights, chiefly the United States".

Addressing free-thinking American soldiers, he urged them to refer to their conscience about their contribution to the US Army’s dark record of oppression, crime, war, violence, insecurity, and homelessness of hundreds of thousands of people across the world.

“Do not let the unwise rulers of the US government and the terrorist and blood-sucking criminals sitting in the command rooms of the US military draw a wedge between you and international realities and turn you into enchanted pawns of their monopolist and war-mongering policies!” he said.

“They are trying to scare you away from any thinking and reflection on some of the obvious and undeniable bitter issues and realities of the world that are the product of the Zionist lobby's design and planning."

The top general further emphasized that sustainable peace is achievable as long as it is pursued in the light of justice and outside the realm of the American discourse.

“From the Islamic Republic's standpoint, just peace whose gift is true peace and friendship, is the same discourse heralded by the Islamic Iran which considers it as the missing piece in today’s world. In the meantime, what is a source of hope is the exposure of the objectives and avarices of the neo-colonial currents in America and the West to the world nations which are rediscovering their pure and divine nature,” he said.

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