Imam Khamenei condoles with the family of heroic Iranian teen

2021-09-25 22:17:31
Imam Khamenei condoles with the family of heroic Iranian teen

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution of Iran has extended condolences to the bereaved family of Ali Landi, an Iranian teenager who passed away and became a national hero after rescuing two women from fire.

According to the official site of the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, the bereaved family of Ali Landi received a phone call from the office of Ayatollah Imam Ali Khamenei. During the call, the condolences of the Leader were conveyed, and sympathy was expressed with this bereaved family.

Meanwhile, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution has agreed to a request by the head of Iran’s Foundation for Martyrs and Veterans Affairs that Ali Landi be considered a martyr.

Earlier this month, Ali, a 15-year-old boy from Izeh city in Khuzestan Province, rushed to rescue two neighboring women trapped in a burning house.

After the incident, which occurred on September 9, Ali was hospitalized in Taleqani Hospital in Ahvaz with third-degree burns, affecting some 90% of his body.

He was later transferred to Imam Musa Kazim Hospital in the city of Isfahan.

However, after days of intensive care in the hospital, he succumbed to his injuries and passed away in the early hours of Friday morning.

Ever since the news of Ali’s heroic self-sacrifice broke out, many provincial and national officials have continued to laud his courageous act.

Iran's President Ebrahim Raisi also extended his condolences over the death of Ali Landi, calling him Iran's national hero whose life story could be a source of inspiration for the next Iranian generation.

He added said , the tragic demise of Ali Landi, a brave teenager, was sad and heart-breaking and added that, “the name of this dear teenager, who bravely went into the fire to save the lives of two people, will be registered among the national heroes of this land along with Hossein Fahmideh and Behnam Mohammadi”.

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