Iran’s President to UK Envoy: Iran will never succumb to the language of force

2021-09-26 17:52:02
Iran’s President to UK Envoy: Iran will never succumb to the language of force

Iran’s President Ebrahim Raeisi has received credentials of new British ambassador and reiterated that freedom and independence are the principle slogans of the Iranian people.

“Our country is truly independent and our independence is not just a claim,” Raeisi said in a meeting with Ambassador Simon Shercliff on Sunday.

He urged the new British ambassador to Tehran to explain the true meaning of these words to Britain’s statesmen, considering that the envoy is familiar with the Persian language.

The president said the independent and freedom-seeking Iranian nation would never succumb to the language of force and would react whenever it senses bullying.

Raeisi emphasized that observing the principle of mutual respect is the best way to work and cooperate with Iran.

“The Islamic Republic does not accept any incorrect and unjust notion and Europe and the West must regard Iran as an independent country based on their own experiences.”

The Iranian president reiterated the country’s intension to cooperate and interact with all states based on mutual respect, taking into account the national interests of others. He said hegemonic powers should not overshadow these relations.

Bemoaning the fact that the issue of human rights has turned into a political means to harm countries, Raeisi reminded the British diplomat of the behavior of certain countries that claim to defend human rights. “We feel duty-bound to respect human rights on the basis of [our] religious beliefs.”

He urged the new British ambassador to convey the facts in Iran correctly and realistically to London.

Meanwhile, Shercliff said he has good experience and knowledge of Iran and his main goal is to push for the improvement of relations between the two countries with a positive and constructive view.

Pointing to the history of Tehran-London relations, the ambassador expressed hope that a new era of ties would begin and that he would be able to play an effective role to that end.

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