Imam Khamenei urges Iranian students to thwart enemy propaganda

2021-09-27 16:18:53
Imam Khamenei urges Iranian students to thwart enemy propaganda

Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Imam Ali Khamenei, has called on Iranian students to uncover the truth and eliminate the ambiguities created by the enemy’s propaganda campaign against the Iranian nation.

“You, dear students, who are the fruits of the nation’s heart and the true hope of the country, light up your surroundings like a beacon and dispel ambiguities by paying attention to the issue of illustrating truths,” Ayatollah Khamenei said Monday.

The Leader addressed a group of University of Tehran students via a video conference during a mourning ceremony held on the occasion of Arbaeen, the 40th day after the martyrdom anniversary of Imam Hussein (AS), the third Shia Imam.

Ayatollah Khamenei said while the day of Ashura, on which Imam Hussein was martyred, was the peak of Imam Hussein's struggle and self-sacrifice, and the ensuing 40-day period was the peak of the struggle to illustrate and uncover the truth, made possible by the Imam’s daughter, son and others who kept the events of Karbala alive.

The Leader touched on the opportunities, which cyberspace and social media networks offer for enlightenment and clarification of the ambiguities.

"However, the definite principle in the jihad of explaining and telling the truth is to use moral methods and express issues with logic, equanimity and complete rationality, taking human sentiments into account, and avoiding insults, slander, lies and deception in the face of the public opinion," he said.

“The path of Hazrat Seyyed al-Shuhada (Imam Hussein) is a blessed and sweet path that will lead to a definite outcome and success, and you, the youth, will be able to take the country to the zenith of physical and spiritual well-being, inspired by this path and enlightening knowledge, God willing,” the Leader added.


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