Life of Imam Hassan, grandson of Prophet Muhammad

2021-10-05 21:33:00
Life of Imam Hassan, grandson of Prophet Muhammad

Imam Hassan, also known as Imam Hassan Mojtaba, was the second Shia Imam and a grandson of the Islamic prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

He was the oldest son of Imam Ali, the first Shia Imam, and Fatima, the daughter of the Holy Prophet. He was born in Medina on 15th of Ramadan, in third year after Hijrah.

The 28th day of Safar, which is the second month in the Islamic calendar, is the anniversary of the demise of Prophet Muhammad and Imam Hassan.

Imam Hassan spent the first seven years of his life under the care and guidance of his grandfather, the Holy Prophet. This early training made him exceptional in piety, knowledge, patience, intelligence and other virtues.

Imam Hassan and his brother Imam Hussein, were very dear to the Holy Prophet, who carried them on his shoulders as children, and once told the people, "Hasan and Husain are the leaders of the youth of Paradise."

One of Imam Hassan’s wives was Ju'da. Muawiya conspired with Ju'da to poison the Imam. This evil woman put poison in Imam Hassan’s drinking water and he immediately fell gravely ill as a result. After great suffering, he departed from this world at the age of 48.


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