US pressuring Sudan to normalize relations with Israeli regime: Report

2021-10-11 15:54:31
US pressuring Sudan to normalize relations with Israeli regime: Report

The United States is pressuring Sudan to officially normalize its relations with the Israeli regime, a process that is conditioned on a parliamentary approval in the North African nation.

Reporting on Sunday, the Israeli regime’s public broadcaster Kan said, "Washington's pressures come after a year, during which the United States invested money in Sudan, without making any real progress" in the normalization process.

The broadcaster’s report did not offer any details about either the type of the American “investment” in Sudan or the form of the pressure that was being applied by Washington upon Khartoum.

It, however, pointed to existence of “differences” between the military and civilian components of the Transitional Sovereign Council, which has been tasked with pro tempore running of the country’s affairs, over the normalization process.

Sudan agreed to sign a normalization agreement with the Israeli regime last October, a month after the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain signed such détente with Washington’s facilitation.

Back then, the Sudanese cabinet repealed a boycott law against Israel in April.

An official normalization deal has to be approved by the Sudanese parliament, which is yet to form given the fact that the African country is going through a period of transition.

Sudanese political parties have rejected the government’s decision to normalize relations with Israel, with officials saying they will form an opposition front against the agreement.


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