​African importers of Iran-made commodities

2021-10-16 14:14:56
​African importers of Iran-made commodities

Ghana, Algeria, South Africa, Tanzania and Nigeria stand among the first five importers of Iran-manufactured goods in Africa.

Given the fact that African market is a very large market for many developed countries to export their products, Iran has still a limited presence in this sector as a result of US-imposed sanctions as well as shipment problems.

A review of Iran's export statistics presented by the Trade Promotion Organization shows that along with the increase in the country's total exports compared to last Iranian calendar year, the amount of exports of Iranian goods to the continent increased significantly.

In the first quarter of this year (March 21, 2021 to June 21, 2021), Iran's exports to African countries stood at around 834,381 tons of goods worth $340 million, comparing to the same period last year increased by 144 percent in weight and 349 percent in value.

During the same period, Ghana with $151 million, Algeria with $58 million, South Africa with $32 million, Tanzania with $25 million and Nigeria with $18 million were the first five big importers of Iranian commodities.

Sudan with less than $17 million, Kenya with more than 14.5 million dollars, Ivory Coast with 12 million dollars, Somalia with 4 million dollars and Egypt with around 1.5 million dollars have been sixth to tenth great African importers of Iranian goods.

Ghana has been the tenth largest importer of Iran-made commodities, having 44% of Iran's exports to Africa.

Algeria with 17 percent, South Africa with 10 percent and Tanzania and Nigeria with 5 percent have had the largest share of Iran's exports to African countries in the first three months of this year.

Iran's exports to Algeria, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Tanzania, South Africa and Ghana increased by 20641%, 8818%, 1750%, 580%, 456% and 370% respectively.


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