What is behind ​Israeli Rabbi's donation to Africa?

2021-10-17 08:39:51
What is behind ​Israeli Rabbi's donation to Africa?

Jewish Rabbi Erica Gerson and her husband Mark have been active in charity work in Africa for years, a job, which seems strange for many people, who hear about their support for Christian missionary hospitals in the continent, while they maintain strong relations with Israel.

A nonprofit charity that supports Christian missionary hospitals in Africa announced it received an $18 million donation last month, its biggest gift ever — and that the money is coming from a self-described observant Jewish couple.

Rabbi Erica Gerson and her husband, Mark, a businessman, who helped found the African Mission Healthcare Foundation in 2010 and sit on its board, have now become possibly the largest private funders of Christian-provided medical care on the continent.

It seems odd that a Jewish couple spend a lot of money at Christian missionary hospitals, which are located in Africa. The Gersons also send a lot of money to Israel.

Then, some questions are raised: what is their mission in the continent and what is their final aim to give such a huge money to Christian missionary hospitals?

It is interesting to know that the prevalence of missionary hospitals in Africa is a legacy of the 19th century when European groups sought to CONVERT local populations.

The Christian hospitals’ effectiveness is directly related to their missionary identity, reports say.

Support for Christian hospitals in Africa has been dropping in recent decades as American and European mainline denominations that have traditionally sponsored the hospitals have shrunk in membership and influence; so, the Jewish couple have started to step up their influence in the continent.


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