​Turkey after improving influence in Africa

2021-10-19 11:06:23
​Turkey after improving influence in Africa

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is visiting three African nations to enhance Ankara's foothold in the continent.

President Erdogan made a promise when he visited Angola, as part of his three-nation tour to the continent, saying that Turkey is committed to boosting trade ties with the entire Africa, and plans to hold a Turkey-Africa Business Council meeting soon.

Turkey's trade with African countries currently stands at about 25 billion dollars. The Turkish president expressed hope to increase this figure.

Erdogan said “Our trade volume with Angola in the first eight months of this year was recorded as $132 million. We should exert mutual efforts to increase it to $500 million as we had agreed on.”

The Turkish president made this revelation at a joint press conference with Angolan President in Luanda on October 18.

President Erdogan said a platform will be created for business people from the two countries to come together and discuss potential investments in a wide range of various fields, including transportation, health, agriculture, textiles and construction.

The Turkish president is scheduled to visit Nigeria and Togo following his trip to Angola.

With shifts in geopolitics and business, Africa, which is known for its abundant natural resources, rapidly increasing population, and free markets, has become a battleground for many countries seeking opportunities and influence.

In comparison to the past, the rise of new forces such as China, India, Brazil, Turkey, and the Persian Gulf states has made it more competitive as a multi-polar continent.

After the Ottoman Empire faded from history, Turkey’s rulers preferred to concentrate on Europe rather than Africa.

However, the rapid evolution of global processes at the dawn of the 21st century, as well as the emergence of new global growth developments and approaches to key aspects of the world’s rapidly evolving situation, necessitated the emergence of new visions in Turkish foreign policy.

Turkey has had to develop new domestic and foreign policies, especially since 2002, in light of its own growth.

With the declaration of 2005 as the “Year of Africa” within the framework of the Africa Action Plan adopted in 1998, Turkey’s dynamic foreign policy towards the African continent, especially after 2010, and the multidimensional policy tools it applied significantly increased its ties with Africa.


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