Only very old and sick die of COVID-19 if vaccinated: Study

2021-10-20 17:40:52
Only very old and sick die of COVID-19 if vaccinated: Study

People vaccinated against COVID-19 are highly unlikely to die from the disease unless very old and already badly sick before getting it, according to study in Italy published on Wednesday.

The study by the national Health Institute (ISS) shows the average age of people who died from the coronavirus despite being vaccinated was 85.

On average they had five underlying illnesses. The average age of death among those not vaccinated was 78, with four pre-existing conditions.

Cases of heart problems, dementia and cancer were all found to be higher in the sample of deaths among those vaccinated.

The analysis, carried out from Feb. 1 to Oct. 5 this year, studied the medical records of 671 unvaccinated COVID fatalities and 171 fully vaccinated ones.

There were 38,096 COVID deaths in Italy during the period under review.

Among these, 33,620 were unvaccinated, 2,130 had received only a single-dose or were infected shortly after inoculation before antibodies had formed, and 1,440 were fully vaccinated.


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