Imam Khamenei meets with Iranian officials, guests of Islamic Unity Conference

2021-10-24 13:09:35
Imam Khamenei meets with Iranian officials, guests of Islamic Unity Conference

Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Imam Ali Khamenei held a meeting on Sunday with Iranian officials and guests of the 35th International Islamic Unity Conference.

The meeting took place in Tehran on the occasion of the birth anniversary of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and the sixth Shia Imam, Imam Ja'afar Sadiq (AS).

The international conference is held every year during the Islamic Unity Week to devise ways to strengthen unity in the Islamic world.

The birth of the Holy Prophet and Imam Sadiq is one of the great Islamic holidays and is an official holiday in Iran.

Sunni Muslims celebrate this festival on the 12th of Rabi al-Awal and Shias on the 17th of Rabi al-Awal, hence the name Islamic Unity Week.

“The unity of Muslims is not a tactical matter in order for some to think that ‘we [should] stand united with each other because of certain circumstances. No, it is a fundamental matter,” Iran's Leader said. “Synergy among Muslims is a necessity. If Muslims are united, they will create synergy, they will all grow strong. Muslim unity is a definitive Qur'anic duty.”

Ayatollah Khamenei said the birth of Prophet Muhammad “marks the beginning of a new era in human life. It heralds the start of a new era of divine will and divine grace for humanity.”

'Enemies trying to drive wedge between Muslims’

The Leader said the reason why the Islamic Republic laid emphasis on Muslim unity is that “there are constant attempts today to drive a wedge between Muslim sects, between Shias and Sunnis.”

“You see that the issue of being a Sunni or a Shia has entered the American political rhetoric for several years. Although they are against Islam itself and are enemies, they do not abandon the issue of Shias and Sunnis,” he added.

“You also see that American puppets create sedition anywhere in the Islamic world that they can,” said the Leader, citing the recent bloody attacks on mosques in Afghanistan as an example.

“Who blows up [mosques]? Daesh. Who is Daesh? Daesh is the same outfit that the Americans — the same Democratic group of the United States — explicitly said we created. However, they are not saying such a thing now and deny it.”


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