Muslim states slam Balfour Declaration as ‘stain on human history’

2021-11-03 10:48:23
Muslim states slam Balfour Declaration as ‘stain on human history’

Palestine, the Arab League and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) have denounced the infamous Balfour Declaration issued by Britain in 1917, which set the stage for the creation of the Israeli entity and occupation of Palestin

As every year on November 2, the Palestinian flag is flown at half-mast to mourn this disastrous date in history.

Palestinians say the declaration was the first official recognition of the Zionist project by a world power, leading to widespread legitimization of the cause and the eventual establishment of Israel.

The Palestinians are demanding the United Kingdom to apologize for the declaration, and they blame Britain for helping Israel in its occupation of Palestinian territory.

But it seems, this apology won’t happen Palestinians say, as more world countries harm Palestinians, especially after Former US president Donald Trump invented the so-called deal of the century that envisions the Israeli annexation of large swaths of the occupied West Bank.

Observers says current US president Joe Biden lacks the courage and power to be able to change Trump's promises to Israel.

Palestinians say that the Balfour Declaration has always served as a reminder of the suffering of Palestinians during the decades of Israeli occupation, colonialism and judaization.

Palestinians today warn that the US support of Israeli encroachment into Palestinian territory is as dangerous as Britain's Balfour declaration, and is definitely helping Israel to prolong its occupation and annex Palestinian land.


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