Youths in Africa want colonial powers off the continent’s resources

2021-11-03 18:05:51
Youths in Africa want colonial powers off the continent’s resources

Algerian Information Minister Ammar Belhimer said Wednesday that African youth have recently raised their voices to demand France to take its hands off their continent and its resources.

"Africans, especially the youth, are committed to the demand that France takes its hands off their continent,” Belhimer told the private Algerian News Network.

The minister’s statements come amid tensions between Algeria and France following remarks by French President Emmanuel Macron last month that were viewed by many Algerians as insulting.

Algeria responded by recalling its ambassador in Paris and banning French military aircraft from using Algerian airspace on Oct. 3.

Belhimer described France as a colonial power “as long as it continues to drain Africa's resources.”

He said not only Africans but also French and European politicians agree that France is plundering Africa’s wealth.

He added that the anti-France stance “is evidenced by the bold, angry and honest interventions of the Africans who recently participated in the so-called Africa-France Summit."

On Oct. 8, hundreds of young people from African “civil society” gathered for a one-day Africa-France summit in the southern French city of Montpellier.

For the first time since 1973 when France-Africa summits began and before it was rebranded, Africa-France, no African head of state was invited.

On Sunday, more than 100 Algerian MPs across different political parties submitted a bill criminalizing the French colonization of Algeria (1830-1962). Algeria spent 132 years under French colonial rule, gaining independence in 1962.

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