​Nigeria, Iran ready to cooperate on religious affairs

2021-11-04 14:17:42
​Nigeria, Iran ready to cooperate on religious affairs

Nigerian and Iranian officials have underlined that their countries are prepared to enhance mutual collaborations especially on Hajj and pilgrimage affairs.

Yakubu Santuraki Suleiman, Nigerian ambassador to Iran, and Imam Khamenei's representative in Hajj and pilgrimage affairs Seyyed Abdol-Fattah Nawab, held talks on Hajj and pilgrimage cooperation.

According to the Hajj Information Center, Nawab said that religious and cultural commonalities between the two countries are a good ground for understanding and coordination.

Nawab pointed to the development of cooperation, noting that Iran is also ready to transfer its experiences in the field of Hajj and pilgrimage to Nigeria.

The representative announced his readiness to sign a memorandum of understanding with Nigeria on Hajj and pilgrimage affairs.

Nawab further described the cancellation of Hajj pilgrimage due to COVID-19 pandemic as a great loss for Islamic countries and said that in the years when Hajj pilgrimage was held, pilgrims were playing the role of envoys to spread the atmosphere of spirituality and purity to their countries.

Referring to the compilation and publication of more than one thousand titles of books on Hajj and pilgrimage in Iran's Hajj and Pilgrimage Research Institute, Nawab noted that some of these works are translated into Arabic and English, and that these works can be made available to pilgrims from other countries.

Yakubu Santuraki Suleiman, for his part, praised the current level of cooperation between Tehran and Abuja and welcomed enhancement of cooperation as well as the signing of a memorandum of understanding between the two countries in the field of Hajj and Pilgrimage.

The Nigerian ambassador pointed to the presence of various delegations from Islamic countries in commemoration of religious rites in Iran and exemplary coexistence between Shias and Sunnis in this country.

Former Nigerian diplomat to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, also referred to the good organization of Iranian pilgrim caravans during Hajj, adding that Nigeria can use Iran's experience in this arena.

Suleiman went on to say that he hopes Islamic countries see Iran as an example, when it comes to bolstering atmosphere of coexistence.

Iran and Nigeria have inked about 20 agreements on various fields so far.

The Nigerian ambassador further said that he is confident the development of relations between the two countries will be in the interest of the two nations, and that Nigeria will do its best to achieve this goal.

The Muslims of the world have a special respect for Imam Khamenei, the Nigerian envoy said, adding that the Islamic world trusts Imam Khamenei and Muslim nations are proud of Him.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Nawab considered the presence of Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky in Nigeria as a positive capacity for coordination and transmission of the message of friendship, assessing Nigerian court's verdict on his release from jail a positive move.


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