Lebanon’s Hezbollah has over 100,000 missiles that threaten Israel: Paper

2021-11-06 21:55:20
Lebanon’s Hezbollah has over 100,000 missiles that threaten Israel: Paper

A new report has revealed that the Lebanese Hezbollah resistance movement is in possession of more than 100,000 rockets that can target anywhere across the Israeli-occupied territories.

Israel is gearing up for a multi-sided military confrontation in the wake of recent developments in the Middle East region, victories of resistance groups in Syria, Palestine and Yemen, and Hezbollah’s growing regional influence and role.

This is while the regime is suffering from serious security circles and military shortcomings in order to manage the status quo, the Hebrew-language daily newspaper Israel Hayom reported.

The report described Israel's 33-day war on Lebanon back in the summer of 2006 as a wake-up call for the regime, stating that occupied territories are now within striking distance of more than 100,000 missiles from Lebanon, in addition to tens of thousands more from Gaza-based Palestinian resistance fighters.

The Israel Hayom went on to highlight that Israel’s existing missile systems are neither capable of intercepting such a number of missiles and rockets, nor can protect Israeli settlers as well.

Israeli media estimate that Lebanon’s Hezbollah currently possesses an arsenal of 150,000 missiles of different types, warning that the resistance movement will be capable of firing up to 3,000 missiles toward the occupied territories per day if a war breaks out.


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