Algerian President rejects normal ties with France after "very dangerous" statements by Macron

2021-11-07 22:45:46
Algerian President rejects normal ties with France after "very dangerous" statements by Macron

Algerian President Abdelmadjid Tebboune has rejected resumption of normal ties with France due to what he described as "very dangerous" statements by President Emmanuel Macron.

Tebboune’s remarks came during an interview with the German newspaper Der Spiegel at the presidential palace in Algiers published on Friday.

“No Algerian would accept that I resumed contacts with those who hurled such insults,” the Algerian president responded when asked whether relations between Algiers and Paris will return to normal soon.

Since late September, tensions have escalated between Algeria and France over remarks made by Macron that the Algerian nation did not exist before the French colonial rule and that another colonization preceded that by his own country, sparking a storm of condemnations in Algeria.

In a bid to palliate its atrocious colonial past, Macron claimed that “there was a colonization before the French colonial rule” in Algeria, alluding to the Ottoman presence in the country between 1514 and 1830.

Algeria responded by recalling its ambassador in Paris and banning French military aircraft from using Algerian airspace on Oct. 3.

Tebboune said that he was "very upset" with his French counterpart because of his “very dangerous" statements.

"The history of the peoples should not be compromised and Algerians should not be humiliated," the Algerian president said in reference to Macron's comments on Algeria's history.

Algeria recalled its ambassador to France for consultations after the French government decided to decrease the number of visas granted to Algerian nationals, accusing the former French colony of not doing enough to allow illegal immigrants to return.

Algerian activists have launched a widespread social media campaign demanding the boycott of French products and expulsion of France's ambassador from the North African country following Macron's insulting remarks.

The Algerian government is also reportedly considering reviewing economic and trade relations with the former colonizer.

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