French police who killed Algerian woman will not face charges, prompting anger

2021-11-08 16:23:14
French police who killed Algerian woman will not face charges, prompting anger

Two French police officers under investigation for their involvement in the death of an elderly Algerian woman in Marseille, will not face charges, prompting shock and anger.

The 80 year-old victim, Zineb Redouane, was murdered at home during a Yellow Vest demonstration, after police shot her in the face with a tear gas grenade.

In 2020, the victim's family filed a legal complaint against the former interior minister and other senior officials.

The managing director of the National Police (DGPN),Frédéric Veaux says the two riot police will not face a disciplinary hearing, as was originally recommended following an administrative inquiry carried out by the Inspection Générale de la Police Nationale (IGPN), a police monitoring body.

However, a counter-investigation in December argued that “the presence of several buildings directly in front of the shooting officer should, at the very least, have constituted a red alert.”

It noted that the Cougar-type launcher used in the incident has a range of approximately 100 metres and that the projectile struck Redouane “after 37 metres”, while it was still ascending, "collapsing” the right part of her face and causing her to inhale large quantities of tear gas.

Since the Yellow Vest protests began in November 2018, some protestors have been seriously injured in violent clashes with the police. The excessive use of force by a minority of police officers is now being independently investigated.

According to journalist David Dufresne, 550 people have been injured during Yellow Vest protests since November 2018. Dufresne tracks all incidents of the use of force by police officers, and informs the minister of the interior.


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