Britain’s NHS is at 'breaking point' and putting patients at high risk

2021-11-17 18:42:30
Britain’s NHS is at 'breaking point' and putting patients at high risk

In Britain a crisis is unfolding as experts warn that the National Health Service (NHS) is under unprecedented strain amid a severe shortage of medical staff and ambulances.

NHS chief executives say the health service has hit “breaking point”, with record numbers of patients seeking care.

Diabetic pensioner Cyril Pepper lay on his kitchen floor for 14 hours covered in blood waiting for an ambulance to arrive. His story has a happy ending but two people have died in ambulances queuing outside busy hospitals.

The Association of Ambulance Chief Executives says 12,000 people may have suffered serious harm waiting hours to be handed over.

Freezing cold temperatures are just around the corner here in the UK, and the NHS is already struggling. A combination of factors are pushing it to the brink of collapse and Covid-19 is just one of them.

The pandemic has only made a bad situation worse. During this time standard checks and balances have been bypassed allowing the private sector to swoop in on a crisis that experts say was not only forecast but purposefully orchestrated.

Since the start of the pandemic, surgeries and procedures have been cancelled to ensure staff can cope with rising Covid-19 cases. There is already a backlog of 5.83 million people waiting for treatment and seeing a GP is getting increasingly difficult.

For weeks Covid-19 cases have been creeping higher and now they are at their highest level since March. Nearly a thousand people have died in one week from the virus despite booster jabs being rolled out.

So far the government has resisted calls for a plan-B, but there is still no assurance the UK will have a lockdown free Christmas this year.


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