Israel supports Libyan presidential candidates to facilitate normalization

2021-11-18 09:16:41
Israel supports Libyan presidential candidates to facilitate normalization

A report says Israel expects that the upcoming presidential elections in Libya would pave the way for a new normalization agreement with another North African and Arab country.

The report comes as the main Libyan presidential candidates scramble to maintain contacts with Israel in order to gain approval of its ally, the United States.

Lebanon’s al-Akhbar daily said in a report on Wednesday that Tel Aviv is reassured that the two main presidential candidates, namely Libya's rebel commander General Khalifa Haftar and Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, one of the sons of former Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi, will serve its goal of reaching a normalization agreement with Libya.

The report said the Israeli regime prefers Haftar as it looks forward to establish a foothold in the Mediterranean basin.

Al-Akhbar stressed that the next Libyan regime will join the Persian Gulf Arab states that reached normalization agreements with Israel last year as the two main presidential candidates seek to appease Israel as it is considered “a gateway to win satisfaction of Washington,” which would subsequently boost their chance to win the elections and rise to power.

The report stressed that the two presidential candidates are ready to normalize ties with Israel, and that the normalization constitutes an integral part of their undeclared election program, as they prefer not to reveal their policy towards Israel in order to avoid being punished by Libyan voters at the polls since the Libyan people oppose dealing with Israel.

Al-Akhbar referred to a recent visit by Saddam, the son of Khalifa Haftar, to Israel that took place earlier this month during which he met Israeli officials and offered them to enhance Tripoli-Tel Aviv ties, including granting Libya political and military aid, in return for reaching a normalization agreement.

The report said Saddam would serve as the de-facto leader of Libya, if his father won the elections.


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