Muslim leaders in Uganda condemn terror attacks

2021-11-18 18:34:27
Muslim leaders in Uganda condemn terror attacks

Muslim leaders in Uganda have condemned acts of terrorism in the country, with the latest being twin attacks in Kampala city on Tuesday.

Speaking at a Press Conference in Uganda's capital Kampala on behalf of Muslim leaders, Sheikh Muhammad Waiswa, the Deputy Mufti of Uganda lashed out at the extremist groups carrying out massive bloodshed in the name of Islam.

Sheikh Waiswa insisted that the terror groups are misplaced, and their acts are not by any mean representation of Islamic faith.

The bombs struck outside the Central Police station on Buganda road and Parliamentary avenue on Tuesday, killing 6 people including 3 suicede-bombers, and more than 30 people injured.

There has been condemnation of the terror attacks. The religious leaders have asked Ugandans not to involve themselves in these activities. The inter-religious council of Uganda voiced its disapproval.

Six people died in twin explosions that rocked Uganda’s capital Kampala Tuesday morning, including three of the presumed suicide bombers.

Most terror groups in East and West Africa have been attacking Mosques and other religious sites in the recent past.

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