UK plans to chase away migrants and asylum seekers

2021-11-18 19:25:56
UK plans to chase away migrants and asylum seekers

The United Kingdom is planning to chase away migrants and asylum seekers. Deputy Prime Minister Dominic Raab has refused to rule out flying immigrants who arrive via the English Channel to Albania, as part of an effort to crack down on what he termed as illegal migration.

Speaking to Sky News, Raab claimed that the UK government was looking at Albania as “one country” that could be used as a place to offshore migrants while their asylum claims are pending.

“I think it is right there’s

practice around the world in relation to this to look, at least, at

possibilities of international partnerships – international processing of some

of these claims,” Raab stated, defending the potential plan.

The prospect of a seven-day wait there while claims for asylum in Britain are evaluated will act as a deterrent against making the crossing, it is thought.

In other development, the Polish army says it has detained some 100 migrants who had illegally crossed into Poland from Belarus overnight, accusing the Belarusian army of helping them make the intrusion.

In a statement on Thursday, the Polish Defense Ministry alleged that Belarusian forces had first conducted reconnaissance and “most likely” damaged the barbed wire fence along the common border. It claimed that the Belarusian troops then forced another group of migrants to hurl stones at Polish border guards in a bid to distract them as “the attempt to cross the border took place several hundred meters away.”

On Tuesday, three photojournalists went on their usual journey around villages near the Polish-Belarusian border to take photos of the escalating migration crisis.

Under a state of emergency, Poland bans reporters and aid workers from the 3km (2 miles)-wide border zone, where dozens of asylum seekers who manage to cross from Belarus hide from Polish guards.

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