Iranian president terminates night curfews in major cities

2021-11-20 20:09:59
Iranian president terminates night curfews in major cities

The Iranian president Ebrahim Raisi on Saturday ordered all Covid 19 related night-time curfews on motorists in large cities, which have been in effect for months to be lifted

Raisi disclosed this while making a comment at a Saturday meeting of the Coronavirus Fight National Headquarters, he ordered that the night-time curfew imposed on the movement of vehicles in major cities be lifted considering the growing rate of success recorded on public vaccination.

The president also Urge the ministries of interior and health to maintain the border travels under strict control in order to prevent new wave of the pandemic stressing that the smart controls would contain the infectious disease.

“The more the dimension and extent of smart controls increase, the less the non-smart restrictions could become,” he noted.

On Friday, the number of daily deaths from the coronavirus in Iran stood at 100, the lowest rate since April 1.

More than 5,759,000 individuals have recovered or been discharged from hospitals out of a total of 6,069,000 ones who have contracted the disease.

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