Ethiopia warns Western media against spreading fake news

2021-11-21 11:36:02
Ethiopia warns Western media against spreading fake news

The Ethiopian Media Authority has issued warning letters to four Western media institutions for manufacturing and disseminating of false news and news analyses on Ethiopia to assist a rebel group's objectives.

The Authority has issued the warning letters to the Associated Press (AP), CNN, BBC and Reuters on Friday.

The Authority stated in the letters that in issuing licenses for journalistic operations, expects reports not to endanger Ethiopia's national interest, territorial integrity, or the peaceful coexistence of the people of Ethiopia.

Since the onset of the law enforcement operation in the Northern Region of Ethiopia by the Federal government, the Ethiopian Media Authority has been monitoring numerous foreign media outlets and conducting a trend analysis on their reporting patterns on the issue, it added.

The Authority finds out that these media outlets have consistently disseminated news that sowed seeds of animosity among people and compromised the sovereignty of the country.

Despite repeated attempts, formal and informal discussions, to rectify journalistic misconduct of the media institutions, no significant change have been registered so far, the Authority indicated.

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