Despite US sanctions, Iran has many nuclear achievements

2021-11-21 16:19:39
Despite US sanctions, Iran has many nuclear achievements

Iran has ascended from ‘Observer State’ to full member status at the UN Scientific Committee on Effects of Atomic Radiation (UNSCEAR).

The committee, which was set up in 1955, is tasked with providing information on occupational, medical and naturally occurring radiation and the associated health risks of each.

The importance of the work is a testament to Iran’s civilian nuclear capability. It’s a capability Iran acquired in spite of sanction and sabotage at each critical turning point making it one of the 8 countries with a full nuclear fuel cycle, without foreign help.

The usual sabotage suspects, America and Israel, aren’t pleased. But Iran has weathered it all and now has indigenized nuclear facilities and abilities.

Iran can complete the nuclear fuel cycle from exploration, extraction, conversion, enrichment, fuel production to waste management, as well as mastering various types of lasers and quantum technology.

Even Iran’s full membership to UNSCEAR faced stiff opposition from Israel and the US and doesn’t quite match their show of suspicion towards Iran’s nuclear programme because full membership will mean Iran can participate in peaceful nuclear activities and services on the global scene, rather than on just a national scale.

Iran will be one of four recent additions, bringing the UNSCEAR list up to 31 full member-states.


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