Pro-Palestine activists shut down UK chemical factory to protest Israeli arms deals

2021-11-24 13:39:32
Pro-Palestine activists shut down UK chemical factory to protest Israeli arms deals

A chemical factory in Wales has become the latest target of Palestine Action, a UK based direct action protest group.

The activists occupied the roof of the facility which reportedly produces materials used on drone production. Drones which are sold to regimes such as Israel and used to harm innocent Palestinian children.

The quiet Welsh town of Wrexham witnessed an unusual commotion Monday morning as pro-Palestine activists shut down a local chemical factory as part of a wider campaign against Israeli arms firm Elbit System's. The protesters targeted Solvay to demonstrate against the supply of materials used in drones.

This is the first time the group has struck a location in Wales. Although this firm isn't Elbit System's they have a working relationship with the Israeli arms manufacturer.

Pal Action have made clear that shutting down Elbit is their key objective but they are prepared to make an example of any other business which works with Elbit.

Solvay released a statement following the occupation of their roof, stating:

“Solvay is one of the world’s top three producers of composite materials. Solvay’s high performance composite materials are durable and lightweight, making them well suited for a diverse range of applications, including in automotive, and both civilian and military aircraft.

Solvay’s business practices strongly embed ethics and integrity. Solvay observes and supports all laws and regulations governing the export and import of products, technologies, services, and information throughout the world.”

After their eventual release, the activists could face court action but that hasn't been enough to deter this type of activism before. So this may not be the last time Palestine action strikes in Wales.


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