US on the receiving end for inviting Taiwan to Biden's summit

2021-11-24 16:16:34
US on the receiving end for inviting Taiwan to Biden's summit

China has censured the US invitation to Taiwan to an upcoming President Joe Biden’s virtual summit on democracy, as tensions continue to grow between the two sides over the self-governed island.

US President Joe Biden has invited Chinese Taipei to an upcoming virtual summit for democracy alongside more than 100 countries, in a move that has enraged China.

“Those who provide a platform for Taiwan secessionists will only bring themselves down,” Zhao Lijian, spokesman of China’s Foreign Ministry, told a news conference in Beijing. Taiwan, which Beijing calls its “breakaway province,” is among 110 “participants” invited to attend the summit set for next month.

Washington appears to have avoided using “countries” while identifying the participants of the summit. The move is considered as a rebuke to China's insistence on a "One-China policy" when it comes to the issue of Taiwan.

Taipei has been insisting on its independence since 1949 and has established full diplomatic relations with at least 15 countries. Those who play with fire by supporting Taiwan secessionist forces will only burn themselves, said Zhao, according to state-run media.

Tensions between Chinese Taipei, China, and the US have been at their highest in decades.

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