Eating late at night increases risk of developing Diabetes

2021-12-12 19:35:30
Eating late at night increases risk of developing Diabetes

New research has discovered eating at night worsens your blood sugar and increases the risk of diabetes.

The study, published in Science Advances, found people who maintained a daylight meal plan were less likely to developing diabetes and related conditions.

The researchers believe this may be a reason that night shift workers are at greater risk of diabetes.

Over a 14-day period they tested subjects working in a simulated night shift environment, but divided them into groups that ate during the night and during the daytime.

The study found that markers for diabetes increased when eating at night.

Eating the same meals in the daytime before or after working a night shift did not have the same negative effects.

Trying to maintain a daytime eating schedule while working night shifts may prove challenging, but seems to improve your health as a result.

Previous studies examining night shift work had found a higher risk for blood sugar conditions such as diabetes and prediabetes.

Night shift work has also been linked to increased risk of heart disease and cancer.


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