Sheikh Zakzaky condemns 2015 Zaria massacre in Nigeria

2021-12-16 17:01:11

The Leader of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN), Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky, has accused the Nigerian security forces of acting like terrorists against the citizens of the West African nation.

The Islamic cleric made the remarks on Tuesday during a speech to commemorate the 6th Anniversary of Zaria Massacre in 2015.

The IMN says Nigerian security forces killed over 1,000 Shia Muslims during religious processions in the town of Zaria in Kaduna. But the government claims 347 people were killed. The military later buried the bodies in mass graves.

Troops also attacked Zakzaky’s residence, burning the whole house down and afflicting him and his wife with serious injuries that reportedly caused the cleric to lose his left eye.

“Men in uniform are sent to unleash terror on people–soldiers, policemen and secret police, who do not wear uniforms. In fact, nowadays, they even wear terrorist garments–meaning, they hide their own faces in the same way terrorists do,” Zakzaky said.

“The state has become an instrument of terrorism, that it has taught the people to be violent! People have been forced, due to circumstances, to become violent, because the state has become violent,” he added.

Zakzaky and his wife were detained in 2015 on false charges and released in July 2021.


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