Tehran slams UN resolution on human rights situation in Iran

2021-12-18 11:35:30
Tehran slams UN resolution on human rights situation in Iran

Iran has condemned a resolution passed by the UN general assembly that expresses serious concern over human rights violations in Iran.

In a statement on Friday, Zahra Ershadi, deputy permanent representative of Iran to the UN, said that the resolution exposes the hostile policy of its sponsors and their intention to incite Iranophobia.

It is politicized and distorts facts on the ground, Ershadi said, criticizing its sponsors for their instrumental and political use of human rights.

“An examination of the list of the draft resolution’s main sponsors – namely Canada, the United States, the child-killer Israeli regime and certain Western countries – exposes the fact that the main proponents of racism, occupation, and those behind the abhorrent murder of indigenous peoples have come together to lecture others on human rights,” she said.

Ershadi cited the discovery of mass unmarked graves of 1,200 indigenous children in Canada, the country that drafted the resolution, noting, “The West may choose silence over Canada’s horrendous crimes, but history will never forget that in the so-called land of the free, thousands of indigenous children were sexually abused, killed and dumped in mass graves.”

The UN General Assembly passed the resolution on Thursday with 78 votes in favor, 31 against and 69 abstentions. It accuses Iran of widespread violations of human rights, which Tehran vehemently denies.

In the statement, she urged the countries that did not back the resolution, to protest what she called deceitful moves against independent nations.

“100 countries did not accompany with the resolution, and it seems that it is time to express our strong objection to the soi-disant human rights champions who are hell-bent on fettering other sovereign States through tampering, subterfuge, fraud and misinformation,” said Ershadi.


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