British minorities protest against 'racist' Nationality Bill

2021-12-20 17:19:09
British minorities protest against 'racist' Nationality Bill

Anger was vented outside Downing Street Sunday as Britain's ethnic minorities demanded the government scrap the controversial 'Nationality and Border Bill'.

The bill gifts the state new powers to remove citizenship without warning or a proper appeal process. Black, Asian and immigrant families are all expected to be targeted disproportionately by the new law change sending fear ricocheting through communities.

Despite government reassurances, critics have warned that the new bill could affect an estimated 6 million Britons who were born elsewhere or have a second nationality and could be used by the state to punish minority citizens they want to get rid of.

British lawmakers approved the bill on its third reading earlier this month. It has now been passed to the House of Lord for further debate due on January 5th.


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