Iran’s Christians celebrate Christmas with COVID-19 precautions

2021-12-26 12:19:29
Iran’s Christians celebrate Christmas with COVID-19 precautions

It's the Christmas season and the happy mood can be felt among Christians everywhere, including in Muslim-majority Iran.

Every year on Christmas, this street in downtown Tehran gets packed with Christian residents who rush to buy last minute items to celebrate the birth of Jesus. And oh yes. Santa is also here!

While 2020 was a year of complete exhaustion, 2021 ushered in hope for a return to pre-COVID normal, thanks to the vaccine rollout. Now as the coronavirus pandemic is marching into its third year with the Omicron variant, many people remain ambivalent about whether to stay home or throw parties.

Nearly 120,000 Christians live in Iran. The majority of them are Armenians who follow the oriental orthodox branch of Christianity. While they make up less than 1-percent of the Iranian population, they feel at home when it comes to Christmas.

Last year, Christmas was celebrated with social distancing and a prayer that the coronavirus would be a thing of the past, a wish that has partly come true thanks to science.

Now as Omicron is our new unwelcome Christmas guest, let's keep on our safety distances and ring in 2022 with all the good vibes that the virus will be totally gone.


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