Saudia drops bombs on a Mosque in Yemen

2022-01-02 21:56:35
Saudia drops bombs on a Mosque in Yemen

Saudi aggressor fighter jets bombarded a Mosque in Yemeni city of Sana'a on Sunday, in which, three civilians were martyred.

The hostile actions and aggressive attacks of Saudi aggressor coalition in Yemen still is continuing, Almasirah reported.

According to the report, Saudi aggressor fighter jets targeted Yemeni capital Sana’a on Sunday.

Yemeni media sources reported that a mosque in the city of Sana’a was targeted in the attacks. Three civilians were martyred in the attack on the mosque.

This is while that Saudi fighter jets have carried out brutal attacks in the Yemeni provinces of Al-Bayda and Al-Jawf in the past 24 hours, the report added.

Saudi Arabia and a number of its regional allies – including the United Arab Emirates (UAE) – launched the brutal war on Yemen in March 2015. The campaign was launched to eliminate the popular Ansarullah movement and reinstall Yemen’s Riyadh-backed former President Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi.

Ansarullah has been running state affairs in the absence of an effective government in Yemen.

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