A US consulting company linked to a mega corruption scandal in South Africa

2022-01-09 18:08:25
A US consulting company linked to a mega corruption scandal in South Africa

A South African civil society group says it has lodged a complaint against Bain & Company with the US Department of Justice after the State Capture Inquiry report found evidence of a "coordinated agenda" between Bain, former President Jacob Zuma and the South Africa Revenue Service "to seize and restructure" the tax agency.

"The days of folding our hands and hoping that the NPA [National Prosecuting Authority] will effectively pursue prosecutions against corrupt multinationals are over," said Public Interest SA founder and chair Tebogo Khaas in a statement.

The State Capture Inquiry report, released on Tuesday, recommended that law enforcement agencies probe Bain "with a view to enabling the National Prosecuting Authority to decide whether or not to initiate prosecutions" related to the awarding of contracts to the group.

"The SARS evidence is a clear example of how the private sector colluded with the executive, including President Zuma, to capture an institution that was highly regarded internationally and render it ineffective," said the inquiry's chair and acting Chief Justice, Raymond Zondo. He recommended that all Bain's contracts with government departments and organs of state be re-examined.

Khaas said that despite the 2018 Nugent Commission of Inquiry also making adverse findings against the US-headquartered consultancy, the NPA seems to be no closer to initiating prosecutions.

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