Half in US frustrated and disappointed by Biden's presidency: Poll

2022-01-17 20:02:24
Half in US frustrated and disappointed by Biden's presidency: Poll

Half of people in the United States say they are frustrated with Joe Biden's presidency, just a few days before he marks his first full year in the White House, according to a new CBS News poll released on Sunday.

When asked in the poll how Biden's presidency made them feel, half of respondents said they were "frustrated" and "disappointed."

Additionally, 40 percent said his presidency made them feel "nervous". Only quarter of respondents said it made them feel "calm" and "satisfied."

Overall, respondents in the survey appeared to have a pessimistic view on the current state of America.

Nearly 75 percent of those surveyed said they felt that America was doing "somewhat" or "very" badly in a general sense.

A majority of people said that they disapproved of the way Biden was handling the economy, immigration, race relations, crime, inflation, policing and Afghanistan.

People also appeared to lose some confidence in Biden's handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, one of the few areas of Biden's presidency in which people have so far continued to approve of.

When asked how they felt he was doing now, 49 percent said he was doing a good job of handling the pandemic while 51 percent said he was doing a bad job.

When it came to how Biden cared about the problems and needs of "people like you," 54 percent expressed doubts over how much he cared about their issues.


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