Islamophobia on the rise in UK; Survey

2022-01-26 10:16:16
Islamophobia on the rise in UK; Survey

Muslims are the second “least-liked” group in the UK, according to a new study that reveals the shocking extent of Islamophobia in the country.

The study, by researchers at the University of Birmingham, found that roughly one in four Britons hold negative views of Muslims and Islam — the highest of any group apart from gypsies and Irish travelers.

Over a quarter of people — 25.9 percent — feel negatively toward Muslims, and just under 10 percent feel “very negative.”

Significantly more Britons hold negative views of Islam in the survey of 1,667 people than they do of other religions. That translates into much higher support for a hypothetical policy that bars all Muslim migration to Britain.

This finding — that Britons know less about Islam but are more willing to pass judgment on the faith — “says something about how prejudice works,” Dr. Stephen Jones, author of the study and a researcher focusing on British Muslims

Islamophobia and racism are on the rise in Europe. The bloc has experienced a rise in anti-Muslim hate in recent years, fueled by far-right groups and parties after the massive refugee influx into Europe.

Many blame Western powers for the exodus of refugees from their conflict-ridden home countries, where they face violence at the hands of West-backed militant groups.

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