Global impact of Islamic Revolution in Iran

2022-02-06 13:56:00
Global impact of Islamic Revolution in Iran

Iran's Islamic Revolution is being recalled globally by those who were of age to witness its immediate impact and for others who continue to feel its international legacy.

It is the revolution that continues to reverberate around the globe. Iran's Islamic Revolution ushering a new age by ousting the US-backed Pahlavi regime.

One of the most inspirational things about the Islamic revolution for many of its international admirers, is the impact it’s had inside Iran but the lasting legacy it's building globally.

For political observers, Iran’s stoic path proved an innovative and bold new model where alliances could be forged and solidarity fostered.

As the revolution moves towards another remarkable milestone, the west still continues its opposition campaign despite a lack of success.

With its legacy still rippling across the globe, supporters of the Islamic Revolution internationally know they owe Iran and Iranians a great debt.

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