Iran eyes on boosting business cooperation with Africa

2022-02-09 19:52:58
Iran eyes on boosting business cooperation with Africa

The Islamic Republic of Iran says its aiming to boost and expand business and investment cooperation with African countries.

Iran's Former Ambassador to Pretoria says that the 13th administration's priorities are economic diplomacy and expanding business cooperation with Africa.

peaking at the First Major Symposium on new investment opportunities and new businesses, Mohsen Movahedi Qomi called the fields considered by the two states for the development of relations to be more focused on economic, trade, scientific, and educational aspects.

Movahedi Qomi stated: "After the victory of the revolution, Iran severed all ties with the racist government of South Africa and the apartheid regime and stood by the people of South Africa and their struggle against apartheid. Relations between the two countries are based on historical background and actions taken between the two countries over the past two decades.

He emphasized: "With the victory of the people of South Africa and the collapse of the Apartheid Regime in 1994, the relations between the two countries were immediately established and the two sides enjoyed warm relations and an increasing process of cooperation in various fields. He highlighted that the 13th administration's foreign policy is active and dynamic and ready to expand ties with countries.

Moreover, South African ambassador to Tehran says that the South African economy offers a strong value of investing opportunities. Speaking at the first major symposium on new investment opportunities and new businesses, Vika Mazwi Khumalo stated that Iran and Africa can invest in various fields, including the healthcare sector (Vaccine, vaccine manufacturing), Agricultural business, warehouse and logistics, green economy, and science and technology. Khumalo noted: "We are eager to trade with Iran and develop our economy."

The first significant symposium on new investment opportunities and new businesses between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the African continent was hosted by the private sector in Tehran on Wednesday morning.

This is a 2-day conference with the participation of ambassadors, economic advisers, and high-ranking trade delegations from different countries of the African continent, which is commenced today and will be wrapped up tomorrow (Thursday) at Tehran International Exhibition Permanent Fairground.

The conference presents some key solutions to solve foreign trade problems, establish economic ties between Iranian and African businessmen and traders, and introduce some of Iran's capabilities in the field of knowledge-based products.

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