Muslim victims of Trojan Horse scandal demand justice from UK government

2022-02-16 13:13:15
Muslim victims of Trojan Horse scandal demand justice from UK government

Victims of a UK government-backed anti-Islamist crackdown on Muslim-majority schools in Birmingham have renewed their demands for justice.

This comes after a new investigation revealed that the British government may have acted against Muslim-majority schools based on “bogus” extremism threat claims.

A podcast series, published by The New York Times titled 'The Trojan Horse Affair' alleges that numerous players, including government minister Michael Gove penalized several schools and their staff despite knowing the accusations were not credible.

The Trojan Horse Affair began in 2014 after a mysterious letter was sent anonymously to Birmingham Council. The letter outlined a supposed plot by Muslim extremists to infiltrate, take over and radicalize schools.

On the back of the letter, inquiries were launched followed by an Islamophobic media frenzy which then led to several Muslim teachers being sacked or banned from their work.

Speaking to Press TV, the Muslims targeted say they are victims of a state-backed witch hunt and that the accusations of extremism were devastating.

After spending the day in Birmingham, it is clear that the negative effects of the Trojan Horse Affair remain. With the victims now calling for justice as passionately as ever before, the question is what will be done to hold those involved in wrongdoing to account for their actions?


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