Many Africans reject Israel’s admission to the African Union

2022-02-21 19:58:43

The African Union in February suspended an earlier decision to grant the Israeli apartheid regime an observer seat, as the issue threatened to create an unprecedented rift within the 55-member continental body. intellectuals openly rejected Israel’s admission to the bloc.

A leading Pan Africanist, PLO Lumumba told Iran’s Press TV that the Israeli regime adds no value to this continental bloc.

There are also concerns that the Israeli issue is divisive and will divert the AU from it more pressing challenges.

Earlier in February. the African Union unanimously suspended a debate on whether to withdraw Israel’s accreditation and decided to form a committee, which will include South Africa and Algeria, who opposed Israel’s accreditation, as well as Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, who supported it, to discuss the matter.

Israel is under increasing pressure from the international community and human rights organizations for its crimes against humanity and pursing policies of "apartheid" in the occupied territories.

The word apartheid is often associated with South Africa. Apartheid was a system of institutionalized racial segregation that existed in country from 1948 until the early 1990s.

The brutal apartheid regime in South Africa oppressed the country’s Black majority for generations and ensured that the country was dominated politically, socially, and economically by the minority white population.


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