Palestine urges UN Security Council to stop Israeli apartheid

2022-02-24 16:36:13
Palestine urges UN Security Council to stop Israeli apartheid

Palestine's Ambassador to the United Nations Riyad Mansour has denounced the Israeli apartheid against his fellow countrymen, calling on the Security Council to take practical steps to stop the crime.

Speaking at a UNSC meeting on the so-called Middle East peace process on Wednesday, he described how the rights of Palestinians have been denied for 75 years, one generation after another, by the Tel Aviv regime.

Wearing a mask printed with phrase “End Apartheid,” he complained that Palestinians are uprooted from their homes, displaced and unable to return.

The envoy also cited examples of “settler colonialism” and said the Palestinians see their houses demolished as Israeli settlements expand in the occupied lands.

While Israel proclaims the "right" to security, it denies Palestinian that very right, he continued. The regime’s authorities are withholding hundreds of bodies of Palestinian victims and have designated human rights defenders in the occupied Palestinian territories as terrorists.

“Apartheid is real. Everyone was against apartheid once it was defeated in South Africa. But history will remember that Israel was the ally of South Africa’s apartheid regime,” Mansour added.

The remarks came weeks after Amnesty International issued a 280-page report charging Israel with the crime of apartheid and in advance of a report by a UN Human Rights Council open-ended Commission of Inquiry, which is expected to focus on the question of Israeli apartheid.

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